Inspect your feet

You should be looking at your feet every day. Any signs of discolouration black coloured lines or abnormal thickening should not be ignored. Any changes in your foot’s appearance may be a sign of a developing problem. Also check for lumps or bumps anywhere on the foot, but especially in the arch or on the top of the foot. If you find anything, you need to see a specialist for a check-up. It does not necessarily mean an indicator of poor hygiene.

Wash your feet

You wash the rest of your body but it’s easy to forget your feet. Wash them whenever you have a shower/bath, completely ensuring that you don’t forget the bottom sole and between your toes. After washing, make sure you completely dry your feet and in between the toes, which will help prevent problems and discomfort.

Wear the right shoe for the right activity and
avoid wearing old worn out shoes

This almost goes without saying and should fall into common sense, however many people don’t wear shoes right for that activity. Wear proper and correctly fitting running shoes for running, walking shoes for walking etc. Wearing incorrect footwear for instance during running, can create problems for your feet. Similarly old shoes that are worn out can allow for potential skin and nail conditions.

Want perfect summer feet? Try these simple steps

In winter, when tucked into thick socks and boots, your feet really need more love than ever.

Take time out each and every night to cleanse your feet well and get to work on them with a pumice. It only takes a minute or two. After that, massage in a yummy foot lotion. Concentrate on pressure points on soles of your feet and the length of your toes. Just like your skin and hair, your nails will become dry and weak if you’re not getting all the right vitamins. Eat well, take vitamins to nourish if your eating plan is lacking, and moisturise nails as much as possible. Simply apply cuticle oil every day to hydrate the nail bed, and the nail itself. Drink loads of water. Keeping hydrated internally helps the entire body, including nails. With this in mind, skip dehydrating drinks like coffee, sugary soft drinks and alcohol. Give your feet a rest every other day or so and wear flat, comfortable shoes. Squashing them into tight, sky-high heels may look stylish, but bunions and corns won’t. If you are wearing socks, try to stick with natural fabrics, like cotton and wool. Avoid synthetic blends, as they can cause your feet to sweat and smell.

Have regular pedicures. If you can’t afford it, DIY at home. After soaking, simply clip and shape the nails (a rounded-square-ish shape is best), then use a fine-grain nail file and work in a very gentle back-and-forth motion from corner to corner. Next, get to work on rough skin and calluses, gently nudge the cuticles back (never cut them) and then dry your feet and give them a good massage. Finish with your favourite polish and you’re good to go.

Treat your feet to a peel. You slip the little booties on, wait for an hour, and then rinse away. In a few days your feet will start shedding the skin to reveal fresh, smooth tootsies! Trim your toenails correctly. Trimming the toenails need to be done correctly to avoid potential ingrown toenail problems. Using a nail clipper the nails need to be cut straight and not rounded or cut into the sides of the nail. Also be careful not to trim it too short as it can damage the nail, possibly lifting it and separating it from the toe bed, which can potentially result in discomfort.

Use a pumice block or stone.

Pumice stones can be found in most beauty stores, and they are an alternative to a scraper, which is often made of metal. They work really well at buffing the feet and removing dead skin cells. The pumice stone will scrape the top layer of dead skin cells off your feet, dramatically improving their smoothness. Remove skin when it is dry to avoid injury. Rub the pumice block directly onto calluses and rough patches to rub off dead and useless skin. Don’t rub too hard or long as you can easily irritate or injure your feet. Use soft back and forth motions and apply little pressure.

Use a feet scraper or file.

Foot files or scrapers are metal products that look sort of like cheese graters. Sometimes, they are also made of clay. You can use them to grate the dry, tough skin off the bottoms of your feet. With regular use, the feet will become smooth. Using the scraper or the stone, remove all the dead skin. Apply a moisturizing cream while massaging the skin when you are done.

Foot masks

After getting rid of the dead skin, it is very important that your feet be wrapped in a nourishing mask. You will need an overripe banana. The blacker the skin, the better. Mash the banana along with the juice of one lemon. Apply a thick layer of the mask all over your feet and wrap with kitchen foil paper. Keep it on for 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Since this mask can be quite messy, it would be better to do this in the bathroom or spread a newspaper on the floor.

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